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A popular South African strain that hits with a powerhouse buzz, Durban Poison is an energetic breed with a potent, "kick-in-the-pants" high. Durban Poison buds are well known for being chunky, heavy, and coated in resin (making excellent extractions). If you need to tackle your day with a dose of focus and positivity, this strain is bound to be your best friend.


 THC: 24%

CBD: 1%

CBN: 1%


Durban Poison is an excellent antidote for depression and chronic pain, reliably getting you up and out of bed. This strain's boost to the imagination also lends itself well to creatives looking for productivity & a workflow kick.


Earthy, pine notes with a terpene dose of citrus and herbs make Durban Poison a truly delicious toke. With a soft, steady sweetness accompanying the flavor, this strain is a fan favorite that keeps all enthusiasts coming back.



Household chores, to-do lists, brainstorming, flow arts, kicking ass at the gym, vinyasa yoga, cooking, planning and projects, etc.

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by Lucas Zhao

A born observer, Lucas was born and raised in Troy, Michigan knowing that he was made to create. Entirely self taught, Lucas describes himself as principally a prophecy worker and healer, using his gifts of photography and graphic design to bring about change in our culture.

By utilizing a universal language of symbols, colors, and emotions, he believes that following the path of a visual storyteller allows him to play his role in the actualization of our unified potential- with hopes to inspire the creativity in the creator within each of us.


Lucas states that we are all chosen to be present in this significant precipice of the planet, and that we may all inspire greater possibilities within one another.

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