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60% Sativa - 40% Indica



A popular choice for day smokers, Purple Diesel is a potent cross between Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel. Known for bringing in an uplifting energy, Purple Diesel is ideal for pain relief and a creeping, slow build high. If you're in need of a gentle boost to brighten your morning, Purple Diesel's gonna be your girl.


 THC: 22% - 28%

CBD: <1%


Pain relief is the name of the game for Purple Diesel, with creeping notes of body fluidity combining with a easy, giggly euphoria. Waves of energy will carry you through the day while also allowing your body to relax.


Hints of pepper, herbs, and citrus can be tasted with each hit, combining with a strong undercurrent of lavender and fuel. This tasty strain is a favorite for its cool, earthy flavors and thick wave of classic diesel smoke.



Board games, video games, coffeehouse concerts, drinks at the lounge, debates and dinner conversation, philosophy talks, etc.


by Carrie Frietchen

Hi! My name is Carrie and I work with fluid mediums to create abstract pieces rich in both visual and physical texture. To be more specific, I work mainly with alcohol inks and epoxy resin to create the paintings you see. From my abstract ink work, to my resin seascapes, faux opals and geodes - I really enjoy adding elements that are eye catching and reflective.

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