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Forged from Gorilla Glue #4 and Starfighter genes, this strain packs a legendary hit with a blast into outer space. Long lasting with an astral build, Future is a strain that will open your mind with every toke. If you aren't an artist already - don't worry, you will be.


 THC: 24%

CBD: <1%

50% Sativa - 50% Indica


Starting you out with a strong head high that continuously builds, Future hits you with an immediate euphoria that clears and cleanses. Due to the potency of Future, beginner tokers should be warned of heightened anxiety, but for the experienced consumer Future will come as a welcome addition to expanding your thoughts.


An earthy sweetness subdues strong flavors of chemical sting and chocolate, mingling with touches of berry and lemon on the exhale. Excellent for an easy afternoon with lots of creative conversation and flow.



Comedy clubs, silly movies, festival roaming, bingeing documentaries, podcasts, laser shows, clubbing, stadium concerts, etc.

reviews coming soon!


by Lucas Zhao

A born observer, Lucas was born and raised in Troy, Michigan knowing that he was made to create. Entirely self taught, Lucas describes himself as principally a prophecy worker and healer, using his gifts of photography and graphic design to bring about change in our culture.

By utilizing a universal language of symbols, colors, and emotions, he believes that following the path of a visual storyteller allows him to play his role in the actualization of our unified potential- with hopes to inspire the creativity in the creator within each of us.


Lucas states that we are all chosen to be present in this significant precipice of the planet, and that we may all inspire greater possibilities within one another.

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