A calming and clear-headed cross of Cherry Pie and OG Face Off, Pie Face is a wonderfully delicious tasting strain with a delightfully gentle touch. Well regarded for being an excellent daytime focuser, Pie Face makes a great companion to food and conversation.


 THC: 19%

CBD: 1%

40% Sativa - 60% Indica


Despite being a mellower strain, Pie Face is aptly named for producing appetite. Although not known for an intense head high, Pie Face provides a cheerful, chatty clarity while keeping your body nice and relaxed, making it a perfect choice for daytime activities.


A sweet, signature cherry hit makes Pie Face insanely delicious, with hash and pine adding complexity to the terpene cocktail. On exhale, an earthy, berry aroma can be felt right at the tip of your tongue.


Thanksgiving dinner, potlucks, large family gatherings, pre-concert drinks, book clubs, lunchtime meetups between classes, etc.

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by Astrid Daley

A thoroughly extensive crafter, graphic designer, and general maker of beautiful things, Astrid is a northwesterner with a deep love of the supernatural, mystical, and out of this world. Distinctly retro in her scope, Astrid makes a point of working in the abstract of daily life.

Be sure to check out more of Astrid's work on her etsy shop, where she cultivates and creates a treasure trove of magic and morbid curiosities.



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