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A well-known and multi-named strain with a devoted following in the world of indica lovers, Pink Champagne (or Raspberry Kush) ​is a sleepy hit that settles in for a lovely head high.


 THC: 23%

CBD: <1%

20% Sativa - 80% Indica


Because of its strong headiness, Pink Champagne is ideal for migraines and chronic pain, especially useful for sufferers of insomnia as well. Profoundly mellowing, this strain delivers an uplifting euphoria in a couch lock format, ensuring a couple hours of giggly conversation.


Pink Champagne is well known for its grape and berry flavor, especially with its delicious earthy and sweet smoke aroma. This tasty strain delivers a soft and fruity texture to your toke.


Movie night, coloring books, watching nostalgic shows with old friends, downing a pizza, etc.

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by Haazel Elledge

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Haazel is a graphic designer and business development consultant for Well N' Green Digital Marketing. Cultivating her artistic passions around playful moments, natural synergy, joy, and childlike playfulness, Haazel engages all the parts of her being when engaging in her art.

Although Haazel loves spending time nurturing her graphic art endeavors, her true passions lie in bringing collective healing to our past experiences, green development, and bringing prosperity to emerging sustainable companies.


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